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Steve Poll, Ben Lomond High School principal.

Ben Lomond Community,

Thanks for all your support in having a great start to the 2017-2018 school year. We had a great start to the year with our back to school night and recently held one of our most successful parent teacher conferences ever.

Many of you may have noticed that students are being graded differently than they have in past years. These changes reflect our efforts over the past couple of years to transition to Standards Based Grading. In a nutshell Standards Based Grading is simply a focus on assuring that a student’s grade really reflects what they have learned and not a bunch of extraneous stuff like extra-credit, busy work, etc. Students will generally earn their grade by proving via multiple assessments that they know their stuff.

This shift is likely going to change the game for some students who have earned their grade in the past by simply working hard; now they actually have to show that they have learned as well.

I believe that this is a little piece of the puzzle to changing our overall student academic culture from one of dependence, procrastination and hoop jumping to one where students are responsible for their own learning and can prove their competence.

Thanks for your support of your student and for working with us as we work to make Ben Lomond the best.





Ben Lomond High School front entrance exteriorBen Lomond High School, originally constructed in 1952, was named for the Ben Lomond Peak, so called by the Scottish settlers who were reminded of the Ben Lomond in Scotland, because it stands outs along the Wasatch Front.

The local cultural influence gave the school its theme, including bagpipers, Royal Stewart tartan and Scots. Students are known as "Friendly Fighting Scots."

Ben Lomond High School was rebuilt, other than the gymnasium, from the District's 2006 bond. Construction began in June 2007 and was fully complete in August 2010. Ben Lomond and the District were recognized for the renovations and were awarded the Mountain States Construction Silver Award for grades K-12 in 2010.


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Inspire growth in Academics, Citizenship and Extra Curricular activities.

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These are the three rules with a focus on fulfill the mission of growth for every single person no matter where they currently stand.

School Hymn

From the green Scottish hills where the proud pipers play. From the Great Salt Lake to the Wasatch. There is no better clan, nor will there ever be; than the Friendly Fighting Scots of Ben Lomond. We're proud of Ben Lomond and all that she stands for, and over the world we may wander. A part of our hearts will always yearn to be in the memoried hallowed halls of Ben Lomond.