Booster Club


The mission of BLHS Booster Club:

  • To unite parents, students, faculty, alumni, and community in the common interest of supporting and encouraging participation in interscholastic programs, recognizing the integral role these programs play in the education and development of our students
  • To instill a sense of school pride and school spirit in all of our students and the community at large
  • To provide financial support to BLHS athletic and arts programs


Membership shall be open to all supporters of BLHS

  • Board of Directors are voted upon in the May Board Membership meeting and will serve in that capacity for the next fiscal year beginning July 1st and ending June 30th of the following year
  • Membership dues will be voted upon by the Booster Club Board of Directors at the beginning of the fiscal year
  • Membership shall run for the 12 month period beginning July 1st and ending June 30th of the following year
  • Membership begins by signing up as a volunteer and providing contact information
  • Members will be asked to serve as volunteers for various activities as well as serve on any ad hoc committee


All general membership meetings shall be open to board members and the public and are held the last Monday of every month at 7:00 pm


Elected Board Benefits

Elected Board members will receive the following benefits:

  • Admittance into athletic events for themselves, significant other (in household), and household family members under the age of 18
  • Purchase food at concessions for ½ of the listed price for self (always unless working a shift), significant other (in household), and household family members under the age of 18 during board members shift (ONLY for themselves (not friends) ONLY one “meal”)
  • All Board members and volunteers receive one free meal during day and time they volunteer in concessions
  • Volunteers may substitute their free meal for working concessions for free admittance to one athletic event.

Board of Directors

Name Position
Steve Poll Principal
Jeff Kilts Athletic Director
Karen Driscoll Assistant Athletic Director
Tammy Blanchard President
Brooke Greenfield Sr. Vice President
DeeDee Hobson Jr. Vice President
Lea-Anne Coleman Soph Vice President
Laura Woods Treasurer
Jamie Robinson Assistant Treasurer
Monika Waldrum Secretary
Monika Waldrum Volunteer Coordinator
Codi Smith Purchaser
Melanie McManus Activities Corordinator
Amie & Ken Rentmeister Sponsorships/Banners/Sales


Friends of the Boosters

To our friends in the business community and private sector:

We need your support.  The BLHS Booster Club continues to strive to expand its support and offerings to the student body, athletes and staff at Ben Lomond High School.  We hope that you will be able to take part in supporting our great kids in achieving success on and off the field, in the class room and beyond.  It is through donations and/or sponsorships from generous folks like you that help us provide those opportunities for all BLHS programs throughout the year.  We ask that you make a commitment to support our students by making a donations through BLHS Booster Club).   Our goal is to acquire sufficient funds from sponsors and donors to ensure the future success of our Booster program. We would not be able to serve these great kids and teachers without your support.  Your donation is tax-deductible and serves as an excellent way to give back to your community. Your generosity will make a difference in the lives of these kids by allowing us to continue in our commitment to bring school spirit, pride and support to this great school and knowing that they have the community behind them makes all the difference.  

Thank you for demonstrating your care and support for BLHS students with your generous contribution!

BLHS School Hymn

From the Green Scottish Hills where the Proud Pipers play
to the Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch,
there’s no better Clan nor will there every be
than the Friendly Fighting Scots of Ben Lomond.

We’re proud of Ben Lomond and all that She stands for
and tho o’re the earth we may wander
a part of our hearts will always yearn to be
in the mem’ry Hollowed Halls of Ben Lomond.

BLHS Fight Song

We’re the Friendly Fighting Scots!
Rugged men of Ben Lomond High School.
We will always cheer for our Team,
And praise the name of our Great School.
We lead the league in sportsmanship,
We are the Fearless Scots!
Fight with all our power and might,
And We’ll sing Her praise forevermore!
Fight! Fight! Fight! For the Red, the Blue, and White!
Fight! Fight! Fight! For the Scots, the Plaid and the Team!