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4th Quarter Extension (10th - 12th Grade)

The 4th Quarter Extension pathway is for students who received an "I" in the 4th term of the 19-20 school year. These students will be invited to work through modified coursework for each class in which they received an “I”. After students have completed the coursework satisfactorily, their grade will then be changed from an “I” to a “P.” On site face to face tutoring will be available.

Contact/Contacto: Mr. Moon at or at 801-737-7865

La vía de extensión del 4º término es para estudiantes que recibieron una "I" en el 4º término del año escolar 19-20. Estos estudiantes serán invitados a trabajar a través de cursos modificados para cada clase en la que recibieron una calificación incompleta. Después de que los estudiantes hayan completado satisfactoriamente el trabajo del curso, su calificación cambiará de una "I" a una "P".

Academic Credit Recovery (10th - 12th Grade)

The Credit Recovery pathway will be for those students who did not receive a passing grade in any course prior to the 4th term of the 19-20 school year. These students will engage in course recovery work to make-up for previously failed courses. On site face to face tutoring will be available.

Contact/Contacto: Ms. Hall at

La vía de recuperación de créditos será para aquellos estudiantes que no recibieron una calificación aprobatoria en ningún curso antes del 4to término del año escolar 19-20. Estos estudiantes participarán en el trabajo de recuperación del curso para recuperar los cursos reprobados anteriormente.

Here is a link with more about BLHS Summer learning program.

Aquí hay un enlace con más información sobre el programa de aprendizaje de verano de BLHS.

"Teen Empowerment" elective credit makeup

This is a course that will teach teens how to succeed in an ever changing world. The course will include the following 8 topics. A student who completes at least 6 of these modules will receive .25 elective credit.

The Power of Believing in You


Thriving with Anxiety


Social Awareness

Resource Savvy



If you would like to sign up for this course please fill out the summer Ben Lomond Summer School application form above.


Academic Credit Recovery (9th-12th grade)

Ben Lomond High School will host its own credit recovery program for those students who have not achieved a passing grade. This program may include opportunities for students to come to school and receive face-to-face support from teachers and counselors.
For specific details please contact the school office or your student's counselor.